Mayweather Pacquio Fight Might Happen In 2015


Bob Arum the ex-promoter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and current promoter of Manny Pacquio has come out to say that after all the waiting and anticipating that the Mayweather vs Pacquio fight is likely to happen in 2015. He went on to say that it might happen 2 times in the same year. Now I don’t know about you but this seems like his last ditch effort to arouse excitement in both the fans and in Mayweather to actually make a deal.

For Arum this seems like his last big payday or days before Floyd retires for good. By getting the fans excited this might help to put the pressure on Floyd to accept the fight. And if he does then it will definitely be the payday of the century for Arum, as he gets a majority share as the promoter and manager of Manny.

The fans on the other hand are beginning to get over it. With Manny being knocked out and the hype behind us it seems that the excitement is no longer there. The fans are over it. We have moved on and most really don’t care. Actually we care but we have resolved that Floyd don’t want it to happen.…

50 Cent Challenges Mayweather


So we know 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather used to be pretty close. 50 cent would appear ringside and cornerside for most of floyds fights. We heard of Floyd training 50 cent in boxing as well as working out with the rapper. Latter we heard about the 2 engaging in business deals that made them a top hop hop and boxing combo. But that deal went south and so did their friendship.

Lately the 2 have been going back and forth taking shots against each other on social media, like twitter and facebook and also in interviews on radio and TV. The latest shot taken at Floyd by 50 is in response to the latest craze called the “ice bucket challenge” but this time instead of 50 dumping a bucket of ice on his head he challenged Floyd to read a page of Harry Potter without pausing or messing up the text on the page. What makes this ironic is that while 50 challenges Floyd he makes a mistake of calling ALS ASL totally inverting the acronym. Here’s the thing, if you’re gonna challenge someone in a reading contest implying that you know how to read then you better get the reading right yourself if you want to make the point you’re trying to make.…

Jon Jones VS Cormier Rescheduled



The fight many have described as the fight of the year has been postponed due to an injured Johnny Bones Jones. The event which was scheduled for UFC 178 will instead be in UFC 182 on Jan 2 of 2015. Jones sustained a knee injury while sparring and according to doctors will need a minimum of 11 weeks recovery time, plus 8 weeks of training puts us in January to see them go at it.

This is 1 fight I know will be a brawl and I am even more anticipating it since Jones injury is not something to take lightly. A knee injury greatly affects takedown ability; power and speed and we will have to see what effect it has on his game.…

Is Floyd Mayweather Ducking Pacquiao

Many have claimed Floyd Mayweather is ducking fights and that he is being unreasonable with his demands which are currently holding up the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight from happening. We have another opinion. We feel it is Manny Pacquiao that is being unreasonable and he can be considered the ducker.

First, we can’t pass the blame entirely on Manny as it is his promoter that calls the shots on any deals. Floyd has said that Bob Arum is looking for a payback and payday from Mayweather. This makes sense to us as Floyd dropped Arum as his promoter many years back and bob arum lost tons of money in that deal.

Right now there are several things standing in the way.

-Money. Mannys camp is looking for 50% of the proceeds of which will be the largest pay per view event of all time. We find this unreasonable. Floyd has offered Manny 40mil for the fight. Manny has never earned 40 mil for a fight and even though he will gain much more with a 50 percent deal we find this unreasonable for Manny to expect. Floyd is the draw and without him Manny is not the PPV earner.

-Steroids. Floyd has implied that Manny is using steroids.…

New York Escorts Ready For Superbowl

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Search for New York escorts and tons of listings will show up. They’re getting ready for the busiest weekend in the business. All of the Brooklyn escorts made their way over to Manhattan to be ready and prepared for all the Superbowl party calls. Lisa an escort from an NYC agency says “superbowl weekend is a big m0ney maker for me, like many party weekends this one brings me a lot of calls”. And it makes plenty of sense, what better time to call and escort agency then when you and your buddies are partying it up, drinking and having a great time. Most guys say they leave their girlfriends at home for the big game and when they need something else to look at after the game they call one of the escort agencies in New York. According to Matt, a local superbowl party host “I get more guys to show up and chip in when they know there are sexy girls here to entertain us, how else can I get 20 guys to pay me for beer and watching my big screen?” He does have a point guys.…

Colon & Garcia Great Start Of Season


Who would have thought veteran pitchers Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia would have an impact on the Yankees in the early going of the 2011 season? Not many people predicted these guys would have much success at all.

The Yankees signed both players to low-risk minor-league deals this offseason and both signings have paid off so far.

But Colon and Garcia are pleasantly turning heads and the Yankees are going to need them to keep it going, especially since we don’t know what is going to happen with Phil Hughes.

You can also throw in AJ Burnett as a player that has pleasantly surprised, but he seems to always pitch well in April. I think Burnett carries his early season success into the rest of the year and has a very good year.

The Yankees will only go as far as their starting pitching will take them. They’ll have games where their offense puts up big numbers, but in crunch time and in the playoffs it’s pitching that makes the difference. I don’t know whether the Yankees will still be sending out Colon and Garcia to start on a regular basis when August roles around, but what they are giving the Yankees early on this season is more than anyone could have asked for.…